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After about 30 minutes, Laughing Jack mended ______'s wounds and the proxies finally went out to train. Misfortunately, the girl's axe was mysteriously burned in an oven- Jeff accusing Smexy- so she has to use a switch blade. At the moment, she had to do her swears, meeting Slenderman at a certain clearing. The twins were her escort.


"Don't open your eyes when we get there."


"Answer what ever it is he asks you. He knows a lie so answer correctly!"


"He may be touchy but that's ok. We know you're on his good side, it's just that every Operator has to do this ceremony. Nothing personal at all-"


"What?" They answer in unison.

"Oh, well you kinda answered is a ceremony, right?"

"Yeah. And don't forget- don't move, ok? We're almost there, and this is where we stop. You keep going straight ahead and as soon as you get sick close your eyes."


"Slendy-sickness. Headache, nosebleeds, vomiting-you'll get used to it. Every slender proxy gets it as soon as you're in- no turning back. If you do then...let's just say that your life turns into Marble Hornets. Have you played that before?"

She dully nods. It's the game where Slenderman is after you. With his Proxies, obviously. 'How either way I'd be miserably happy or dead...' She thought.

"Exactly. Good luck." Hoodie gives her a friendly slap on the back and the two run off in separate directions.

"Oh my god..." She mumbled to herself, taking slow steps up ahead. Tears pricked her eyes behind her mask ready to fall.

Why was she here again? This was ridiculous. She was young and had a life, and didn't want to kill or hurt anyone. Why was she here? She stopped walking. She clutched her head in her hands, dropping to her knees. The voices got louder and she felt a bit nauseous.

The voices. That's why.

Those stupid things living in her brain declared her sick, and made everyone turn against her. There was no where else anyone loved her- not even her own mother anymore.  Here, she had love and not betrayal, and everyone could relate in a way. It may have been a ridiculous and horrid thing to do, killing people, but she was only here for a sense of family. Maybe with negotiations, Slenderman won't require killing, maybe just Intel or a recruiter of her.

"Oh my god..." She kept walking. Her stomach acids find a way back upward and the awful bitter taste with a hint of red velvet was swallowed down. She lets a few tears fall, still unaware of her own feelings.

'What if they find me? Will they find them too? What happens to them- or me? Would they send us away for experimentation or something- no, Jeff and the Proxies are still fully human. If-'

She paused and lifted her mask up to her nose. She turns to the side and vomited away from the nature made path.

"Dammit...what have I gotten into- this is wrong..." She mutters to herself in fetal position, sinking to the ground. "If I-I just stayed...maybe euthanasia would've been better off." She began to snivel and weep into her arms, a cool summery breeze at her shoulders.

'Ha, I'm pathetic!' She laughs at herself as the buzz of conversation in her head hammered her eardrums. She clutched her eyes at the sensation, hoping it would all just leave her alone.

Something found it's way to her jugular and gingerly slithered it's way around her neck twice.

'Oh no, the ceremony started!' She began to struggle a bit but that thing around her neck tightening a bit stopped her. All the cicadas clicked in sync, sounding like a metronome. 'Dammit, no moving!' She screamed at herself, tensing up. It's better to be euthanized than to be impaled my thousands of alien tendrils. Might as well not die here. Right?

Another thing wrapped it's way around her shoulders, left wrist, and then her right thigh. They wrapped themselves around gently as well as the first, occasionally twitching. Long, slender fingers found their way to her stitched cheekbone, gently stroking her to comfort.

'Its all just like a big hug, now that I think about it...'

" you fear me?" A thousand voices asked just like before. The wind picked up and her short hair turned.

'Yes. Bloody hell, yes. I'm horrified. I'm about to wet myself, and maybe I'll shit a little, too.'

"Yes." She said, leaving out the other comments. The things that wrapped around her retracted as if startled, but the fingers remained. Her eyes were still glued shut, and she refused to open them. The fingers found their way to her own (dominant hand) ones, lifting her to her feet.



I'm gonna have to end it here because I kept falling asleep. I'm tired because I just cleaned a pee-infected bed spread then put it in the wash. Don't judge me; my dog is big but he's still a 26-week-old puppy, I'm being honest XD

Crazy- CreepyPasta x Reader Ch. 7 by MaybeCrazyGirl123

/ / / / ©2014-2016 MaybeCrazyGirl123
Haha cliffhanger. Sorry guys I'm tired and it's been too long wife the last update XD
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