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All you knew was that you passed out.

He has seven mouths, all in which speak different tongues. Guess who?

What's that supposed to mean?

Oh, don't worry, my little mouse. You will be full aware soon enough of why these poor souls are stuck here. Who "He" is. Why you belong here."

You don't know why but you woke up screaming and sobbing. None of that was the least bit scary, it was just pure darkness and some ominous narrator trying to host a conversation. Oops- see? It was so unimportant that your mind forgot everything that happened in that dream. There was a click from across the room.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, I'm fine," you sigh, calming yourself down. It was Masky, the sweet one. you think he has candy on him right now? Why is your neck sore? Why was it so cold? Why was it so dark? Why can't you keep focus?

Wait...the ceremony. Did you pass it?

Masky seemed taken back for a second, "Why," and he spun around, "you know what? I don't even wanna know, you little goofball. At least it's clear that you passed. Good job, _____."

Good for you, old chum, you passed the fitness ceremony-test-thing. That means that you're fit to be a proxy.

But who's the mentor? You know proxies are the lowest, so the mentors teach them, and the operators are above the mentors and hold a number of individuals they find fit for their "group." So Slenderman must be your operator. And...with the twins and Toby, he must be a mentor as well.

So who's your mentor?

Yeesh. It's cold in here. You wrap your arms around yourself and:

Oh my god, you're naked.

Panic consumes you, remembering Masky seeing you like this. Oh god, how did you get like this? You scratch your neck where it hurt- because obviously that solves everything- and:

Oh my god, why the actual fuck do you have a hickey?

Oh...oops, my mistake. It was the Operator's symbol: a circle with an X drawn through it. It's on the back of your neck and because you scratched it not seconds ago, it's bleeding. Weh.

You sigh and stand to your feet from your bed and stretch. Same bed and shelf, and desk and laptop. It was off. Maybe BEN was off somewhere. Or at least you hope he is until you get your clothes on. If you can find them. Oh, god, what if that's gone along with your skin that once had no tattoos?

Urgh. Today will don't even know.

Now, now, narrator-chan, stop wasting the entire page with your silly comments and figurative language! Alright, alright, I'll stop it. Your clothes are in the closet, go look there.

You follow my instructions (because I'm that awesome) and found a gray hoodie that was too big for you. There were a few pairs of pants, and you chose the ones that seemed the most comfortable.

All you heard was static and you could feel your nose bleeding. Your head throbbed and you fell to the floor.

Report downstairs. I have a mission for you.

Yup. You are officially sealed to Slenderman.


"Sally has been captured by the Rake. Go get her back," is literally all that was said. The twins and Toby sure did run fast, and you have to strain yourself to keep up. Not that you weren't fast, it's just that normally you wouldn't have the stamina of a fricken gazelle, able to run minutes at full sprint. You ran into a tree and your vision hazed with your favorite color.


It was a dream. All of it. The asylum, the mansion, Mike, everything. None of it was true.

And what a strange dream it all was...had you been up reading CreepyPasta's again? Shame on you, reader-chan. You know better than that. Just keep in mind that when you did that a year or so back, you were paranoid out of your mind.

For example, you spent an entire week afraid of corners and hallways from playing "Slender." That was terribly embarrassing, having to explaining that to your mother.

Speaking of her, that dream was so silly! She would never do that to you. You decide to get up and go check on her. She's in the living room doing work.

"Hi mom."

She didn't respond. Probably focusing too hard. "Huh? I'm sorry, what was that? Oh, hi, _____," he reacts with no emotion. She coughed a few times and cracked her neck with a hiss.

That's right, she was diagnosed with arthritis in the neck a month ago.

"I'm sorry, _______, but could you go get my pills out of my coat pocket? It's in the car."

You let out a long, exaggerated sigh, "Yes, mom," and didn't even bother to put shoes on. You couldn't help but feel as if someone were watching you, so you ran in and out, no problem.

You have the medicine to you mom and ran up to your room, under the covers, shivering and feeling nauseous.
Crazy- CP x Reader Ch. 8
YASSSS it's still alive! Yes. I am full aware of how big of a plot twist that was. :P
Boxtrolls Meme by MaybeCrazyGirl123
Boxtrolls Meme
Yes. I went there. The boxtrolls is one of my favorite movies, but I just started Homestuck not two months ago. *Sniggers* Oh, god, I will never look at Karkat Vantas the same lol XD
You sigh of relief and turn back around into the room and everyone had a poker face on. Even Kumo was sitting upright and staring at you, like a scolding father or brother. Whatever.

"We could hear Lutz screaming all the way in here. Your phone sucks dick- ow," Al says as Oliver smacks him on his ear.

F is for French: "You are not leaving zhis house. Not even for school. Zhat boy is dangerous.


A is for American: "Dude, you have perfect attendance. Nothing can screw that up."


C is for Canadian: "Not one day were you absent. Just think of it as a sick day, eh?"


And E is for English: "Nope! Butts are for pooping, young lady!"

The FACE family. That's for the French-American-Canadian-British family, and it's wonderful.


Kumo howled very loudly: an ambulance drove by.


You spent the night at Oliver's for the first? Yes, I think I'm right about this one: for sure, it is the first time you spent the night here, and you were scared as hell.


Because Kumo decided to sit on your chest. The thing weighs about 80 pounds, which you can handle, but not on the second morning of you're first period. Wow, this paragraph has a lot of ordinal numbers and mathematics!

You sit up and your stomach lurched, so you plop back onto your back. Maybe I should take a sick list until I'm over this "thing," You think. The large PuppyCat look-alike finally gets off of you, and you peel fleece covers that brung static to your body from your warm legs.

You decide to get up and stretch...but you swore that your legs literally said, "Nope, I don't think so!" Now you're on the floor, whining and keening, gripping your stomach. Huh. It's not as bad as yesterday.

Speaking of, you could use a new pair of underwear and "supplies."

"What on earth are you doing?"

"FRANCOIS HOLY SHIT- wait I'm sorry!" He chuckled, "The only person in this house who cares about swear words is Oliver. And everyone's gone to work and what not."

"Oh," you say. Francois was wearing a nice blazer and dress shoes, a white blouse and bow tie. His hair was tied back and his face was free of any oil and stubble.

"You look all fancy. Where are you going?" You ask. "None of your business, mademoiselle," he walked by flicking you on the forehead.

He isn't wearing any pants. Only clad in boxers, and he was headed out the door. "You aren't wearing pants, cool guy," you state, smirking.

He froze, looked down, then glared at you. He flicked your head again when he walked by and went upstairs. When he came back he had dress pants and something in his hand that crinkled. He put it in his pocket and helped you back onto the couch by the under arms.

You try to help yourself but he puts up his hand and said, "don't fight me, child," with a smirk. You smile back and laugh when he pulls the covers back onto you, this time you got a head ache.

He went into the kitchen and didn't come out. "Are you going to be late?" You asked curiously. "Didn't I just say not to fight me?" He growled. You roll your eyes and awkwardly lay there, trying to focus on the wolf that sleep at your feet. You could hear the microwave beeping.

When he came back, he had steaming tea, pancakes and water with a bottle of pills on a tray. Tucked under his arm was an iPad with the British flag as a case. He sits between your feet and Kumo, the tray now propped above your stomach and the iPad on the coffee table. (For safety he put the tea and water on the table so the beast wouldn't knock them over.)

"The password for the iPad is "Ciel x Sebastian" and when you're done, put zhe tray on the counter. Push it back because dumb-dumb behind me likes to jump. Ok?"

You nod and he stood up, wiping sleep from his eyes. He froze again and spun around, pulling the thing from earlier from his pocket. He set them on the table:

"I used to live with three sisters. I could tell you were in pain. And you look even more like a teenager than usual. Here, take these before I leave," he picked up the pills. You did so.

You blushed furiously: he just gave you three pads! Are people supposed to be able to tell when you're on your "thing?"

"Your secret is safe with me. Just wrap the [insert TMI explanation here] Everyone in zhis 'ouse understands. Trust me."


"-I took philosophy classes. You looked nervous. Put the pieces together." You laugh at that. A thought came to mind:

"How are you all related? I know you and Oliver are married, but I don't think men can get pregnant..."

He sighed deeply, "so...basically, Oliver and I got drunk on our honeymoon, ordered a prostitute, had a very sexy threesome but the condoms broke. So the chick moved to Canada, went into labour on the border, had twins, found us and gave them to us, then left the country a second time."

Well, that's certainly a reason why NOT to get drunk with any kind of friends.

He clamped his hands onto his lap and smiled warmly, "Stay safe. Don't open the door to any dumb fuck- we all have keys." He stood up and leaned over the couch, then he kissed your forehead. He ruffled your hair, "I know you're scared. We'll protect you." He stood and left for the door. You wave goodbye and left.

You can't believe that none of that was the least bit awkward.
  • Mood: Uneasy
  • Listening to: Homestuck headcannon voices + Gorillaz
  • Reading: Homestuck Act 5

I got tagged by 


And I couldn't fix the thing to show their picture so... 0.0

1.) You must post these rules

2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer 

3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal

4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.

5.) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged read this.'

6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people

7.) No tag backs

8.) You can't say, no tags

9.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.

1. What would you do if you got 2 million dollars? 
Use it on technology, then college, and give the rest to my mom :P (this will probably not happen)

So for technology, I would love to get the Wacom Pen Tablet (I bet my mom won't pay for it lol,) and then an Xbox.

For college, I really want to study abroad and go to France (which is why I need to skip a friggen grade to graduate ASAP before somebody nukes America and kills us all) (I shouldn't have said that but I'm keeping it there) to become hopefully a musician. If not a doctor. I'm starting a YouTube account so that I get used to publicity and crap now so that I can tell if I can or cannot live with this.

And I have to give the rest to my mom because she's dealt with me having braces, a dog, a chipped tooth, and all my stupid respiratory issues since I was about 4. Then we move to a really nice house and she bought me a new bed set, AND a friggen grand piano. She's a teacher. That is amazing, and I don't have a job, so I can't pay her back yet. If I get money, I'll give it to her. And I know that she won't know what to do with it and will end up paying her car note and other bills. And none of her bills are billions of dollars, and technology isn't that bad if its permanent. Also a trip to France isn't more than about $20,000, so she should have a large remainder. After everything is payed she would donate half and save the rest, probably :P

2. What’s your most embarrassing story? 
Last night, actually! I started crying because I was getting my hair straightened for the first time in months, and I'm really tender headed so it hurt a lot. So only one tear came out. Then, I was embarrassed so I couldn't stop crying, and several tears came out. And I was embarrassed so I really didn't stop crying, and people thought it was because I thought I wasn't pretty. (Although true, that isn't why I was crying.) I'm really paranoid and kept saying to myself that I was an asshole for crying, now I'm mentally hurting myself. And then some chick came up and wouldn't stop complimenting me, and that was embarrassing because my brain works a certain way, and I knew that it was out of pity so I kept crying, only harder. 
So now, I was sitting in a public hair salon that I barely go to, a sobbing mess that everyone was staring at. Ritsuko Akizuki Emote - Embarassed (and of course I can't clarify verbally because my brain won't ever let me do that -.-)

And this morning I'm still being a spaz, unable to explain with my voice. I keep unintentionally stopping in mid sentence- what's wrong with me? XD

3. If you could switch your gender, would you?
Maybe. Probably because I don't have to deal with or waste my money on: (let's all be honest here) periods (THERE, I SAID IT) clothing, caring about society, being a certain size, and a bunch of other things that I won't say. Actually...nah, because men have lots of these things (MINUS THE FIRST ONE) and please forget I just said any of that...:incognito: 

But honestly. Periods are terrible, and then metpopos (I can't spell.) But then again, men have to worry about not getting a boner in public... (YES I SAID THAT TOO!)

4. What moment would you redo if you could?
The time that I tried to write crack fiction at, like, 2 in the morning. So my mom wakes up before me and found my phone in my hand, and because it was an incomplete crack fiction, (and with my mother being herself) she took it very seriously and thought it was something else. What you and I know as lemons. So she's all like, "WHY THE FUCK IS MY ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER WRITING ABOUT THIS SO SOON???" And being the derp that I am, I said "Yes, I did write this," because I didn't want to explain the anime or any kind of fanfiction in general. Then she tells my grandma, and they're haunting me for life with this. And even after two whole years of totally ignoring it, I bet at my wedding one of them will make an embarrassing speech about it. Hah....

5. What are you listening to, if you are listening to anything?
Well, my dog is kind of breathing on my face. Does that count?
Now i'm listening to Doncamatic by Gorillaz :)

6. What’s your favorite video game?
Fire Emblem: Awakening. All the way. No questions.

7. What is your Sexuality?
As of now, straight, I guess...but I'm not very strict if ya know what I'm saying ;) (JKJKJKJK JUST. KIDDING. DUDE, I'M NOT OUT OF MIDDLE SCHOOL YET 0-0)

8. Do you like waffles?
...don't I get too much of this question at school?

9. Who is your favorite Deviant?
As an, account? Or as a submission? I can't pick one because I like everything a yeah!

10. What character (from video games, tv shows, movies, webcomics, and ext) would you meet? (also includes Youtubers sence they have ‘charecters’)
OOOOH WHY D1D YOU 4SK M3 NOW (1'M CONFUSED! WH1CH ONE WOULD 1 P1CK???) 3H. 4LL OF TH3M. >:] (<--- Terezi Pyrope reference ehehe)

Video games:
Fire Emblem Awakening: Chrom, Henry, Tharja, Frederick, Gangrel, Anna, and Robin.
Pokemon: All the Pokemon. All of them.
*is checking video game cartridge case for other game titles DANGIT I have a bunch of boring games from when I was, like, 8 lolz*
Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Goofy, Donald, King Mickey, Pete, Riku, Jiminey Cricket (no matter how much I hate his voice), and Name.
Kirby: King Dedede, the little cute guy with the beam, the little wizard, the weird parasol guy, and the giant tree boss.

TV Shows:
Over the Garden Wall: Greg, Sara, Adelade, Wirt, Beatrice, Jason Thunkerberker the Frog, Aunt Whiskers, Lorna, the Beast, and the Woodsman.
Adventure Time: EVERYONE.
Amazing World of Gumball: All of the Watersons, Penny, Tina the Dino, Idaho, and Tina's dad.
*notices how childish all the TV shows I watch are DERP*
Real Husbands of Holywood: KEVIN HEART AND NICK CANNON. YUS.
OHSHC: All hosts + Renge, and Ronca, and the Lobellia Girls.
Black Butler: Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, Claud. I'm not that far into the series, and Liz and her butler are weenies so I can't stand them..
Durarara!!!: Celty, Shinra, Anri, Izaya, Shizuo, and Simon.
Naruto: ALL OF THE AKASTUKI EXCEPT OROCHIMARU. That's all my heart can handle.Naruto Dancing 
Soul Eater: Soul, Maka, Tsubaki, Black*Star, Liz, Patty, Kid, L.D, Spirit, Stien, and Arachnephobia. (I think that's her name?)
Soul Eater NOT!: Meme. That's all that I can remember XD
Pandora Hearts: Gilbert. The only one who I can actually mess with.
*anything else? eh.*
Fullmetal Alchemist: Ed, Al, Winry, Envy, Pride, Wrath, Roy, Riza, Jean, and Envy. And I really like Envy so I said his name twice.

Austin Powers: Foxy, Austin, Doctor Evil, and Mini Me.
Big Hero 6: Gogo, Wasabi, Fred, Hiro, Tadashi, Baymax, and the guy with the big nose at the end.
The Book Thief: Rudy, Liesel, the aunt and uncle, and Max. I can't remember anyone's name -.-
And no, I didn't like Frozen enough to write about it. God.

HOMESTUCK: Terezi Pyrope, Kanaya, Karkat Vantas, GAMZEE MAKARA, Tavros Nitram, Equius, Nepeta Leijon, Eridan Ampora (I'm a risk taker), John Egbert, Dave Strider, Dirk Strider, Lil' Cal (not really), Rose Lalonde, Jake English, Bec, Davesprite, Crabdad, and Jade whatever-her-last-name-is. I don't like Vriska and this is the only webcomic that I'm into this much. Unless you count TaSS?
Ok, few will get this reference, but:
Todd and the Shining Sword: Todd, Eva, Dappy, the Merchant, Luka, and the aliens that kicked Todd's ass in the beginning. That was hilarious. (And I'm gonna shut up because I'm probably going to make an invalid comment.) Copyright to Niq

-Rhyme Lawliet
-And I really don't particularly like "SevenSuperGirls" because I have a little cousin who won't stop showing me their videos. If I were my past self and if she didn't show me the videos, I may like, like, five videos because it's a fun channel. I only don't like them now because I think my that specific cousin is too obsessed, and began acting like all the characters. Also because they apologized for the racist joke that White Girls like Starbucks. Although that is not always true, I watch Hetalia and am thinking of America instead of the girls, so I got mad that they apologized XD (don't kill me!!!)

Also Starbucks has really good tea, so it's an understandable stereotype. Kind of.

So my past self likes them. Not my present self. She really doesn't, but she's happy that they make her cousin happy and stay a little kid. (Why did I put that there, then?) (YOLO)

Ok! So, that happened! Now my 10 questions are:
1) Would you rule the world if possible?
2) What is your opinion on The Interview? Do you feel safe seeing it in public, or do you think that they'll nuke (or something) the theaters?
3) Most embarrassing story? (I liked that one, lol)
4) The most recent thing that you have obsessed over and would not stop talking about. (i.e., for me, it's Homestuck. Yes, I'm trying to get through Act 5, now XD)
5) Weird fetishes? (got that from The Fault in Our Stars) (it's okay, my friend has a water fetish.)
6) Are you sick of Frozen yet?
7) Do you understand the MLP fetish/obsession/what ever it is?
8) Have you laughed so far?
9) Who would fill your quadrants? (homestuck reference I'M SORRY)
10) Were you weirded out by the quadrant thing?

I'm tagging who ever actually reads this. Don't be shy. :P


MaybeCrazyGirl123's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey you.

Yeah you.

How you doiiin', gurl? Bruthuh from another muthuh? Sistah from another mistah?

Mozel tov. Hay. Congratulations for breathing today. That must take a lot with all the pollution, friend. As a random human being, I have no idea what I am doing here, I just got bored one day and made this account. Now that I'm stuck with it, I guess I have to write fan fictions and post all of my crappy little get ready, internet, for something...weird. Apologize for my stupidity in advance -.-

Likes: not a lot of things: Classical music, anime, cartoons, video games, cosplay, internet, music, comics *cough cough* Brendon Urie, and cupcakes. And of course my friends, and my dog.

Dislikes: lazy teachers, chores, dog poo, rated Y-TV junk, darkness, asthma attacks, medicine, Digemon, Cubeman (not scary), raisins, racism, allergies, wussies, whiners (whee I'm hypocritical!), and of corse those dumb cell phones with eight keys and look like a candy bar. OH, and also, walking barefoot in hot sand

Other Candies:
- I have arachnephobia.
- I never have had dangos.
- I never solved a Rubix cube.
- Everyday I skim my page and change or add something.
- I cannot go on if something of mine is out of place.
- I play the piano .
- I would absolutely love to play in Robert Smith's hair. (I know he's getting older, but he wears it the same way :P)
- I only swear to either make a point or to tell a joke. (all the time)
- My dog gives me high fives, hugs, brofists, and he can prance around like a poodle.
- Clowns startle me.
- I secretly have no religion, and don't like being called anything (ex. Atheist, Agnostic)
- I dislike my birth name.
- I can speak (generally) fluent Spanish, and am learning German and French.
- my big brothers and sister are in Limbo.
-1 (4N 2334[) 1337 (I can read leet)
- I believe I can fly.
- I have a strange habit of misspelling "yes" as "YASSS" or "ease" followed by a really derpy face. :3
- I wish that I had a cup of chai tea right now...
- Hachacha!

My friends, knowing I don't like my birth name very much, also call me Pikachu, Mouth, and sometimes Bugsy. And then somehow I was dubbed as the "Advisitorial Wizard" for some majestic reason. XD

Oh and just a warning... I talk a LOT if my speaking organ (heart) is provoked, careful with the comments if you don't like American-leveled, talkative rants (trollop).

I remade a quotev account! (first being deleted LOL derp)

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OVER 100 FAVORITES?! That's fanfiction for you! It's a great way to get ahead! Also as I'm going to write in my Journal the next time I update it (so stay tuned) it really helps you write because interest was already created for you, so that way you can just skip to working with it, rather than having to convince a skeptical audience that they should read your story.
While we're talking about remembering and comics owed to the world, and fanfiction, you probably remember that I have a really fun Minecraft thing I need to make still. Got to make that! And it looks like maybe you know how to use HTML tags to make links, or did you just copy the link from my Comment to get it to go? I'm glad you still want to make me a comic. :meow: Don't get like me and make everyone wait for years like I do! :doh: :iconheaddeskplz:

Nope. Not all good things start with boredom. That's why they have that old saying able idle hands... :devilish: :bonk: But most of the best fun things on the internet all started with boredom! :w00t::pills: And I like those emotes you chose to express it! That rabbit... dat chewing. :chew: Yup. Smack. Bored. Chew. :chew: And then the cookie one! :biscuit: The eye popping. :shocked:

Nope those emotes aren't associated. :confused: =P

And wait! What about the teleport!? Where were you going to teleport me to?! Did the teleport fail!? :noes: :abduction:
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