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ERMIGOSH I'm being a ketchup bottle for Halloween, and my dog is going to be a hot dog. And he doesn't know what his costume is when he wears it, so it looks like he's shimmying when he walks around in it XD *so kawaii!!!*
ASDKLSASKLD *ahem* so I just got a new video game called "Fire Emblem: Awakening" and it. Is. Amazing. Go play it- WAIT Pokemon Omega and Alpha are coming up soon! And so is Halloween! Yase! :D
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I genuinely Fangirled :3
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  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Listening to: Carmen- Stromae
  • Reading: Fahrenheit 451
  • Watching: my dog eating his pills...I need to go get him-.-
  • Eating: cheeses (HETALIA)
  • Drinking: Fresca
My fingers are sooooo soooorrrreeeee -.- Learning the viola is as hard as how much I ship Naruto with Sasuke. And that's really hard. Aaaand I just realized how much I missed the super hot IMEANTTOSAY cute foreign exchange students were...and they were French so I could not stop derping! And this one would not stop staring at me and he was really, really, really adorable *and the only one who was not watching porn with his friends when we all went on a bus* And he was really cute :3 <normal> Aaaand this year we may go to either Italy or France on some kind of trip, so hooray! but my mom probably won't pay for it so

BUT OHMIGOSH so my two friends and I have this obsession over this guy called Stromae (he's really famous, actually). And I learned the words to Tous les Meme; so if the students came this year, we would get on the school bus and blast it (somehow) and make them sing with us so we can randomly dance with them with a legit reason! Isn't that a good plan? 

Because I found out that that guy's name is Charles. And his friends kept pointing at me and smirking at him and I'm just sitting there like "Ohlalala, me gusta~" (because I don't know accurate French yet) ASADJFkfsLAFSDJKA:SKJ :3

And the funny part was when none of us could speak French, and we were talking too fast for them dunno, lol, but we used Google Translate (not really caring about the grammar) XD And so this weird guy in my class (who I don't know) typed "She loves you" But... that was because I texted to the students "this boy next to me loves you all in the dirtiest way possible" and Charles' face was just ASDSKLAKDJJ:KSLDJ ERMIGOSH I CANNOT Cannot even plz  the one time of year I actually sqwee over something that did not happen in an anime is during the Foreign Exchange Program at my school XD

And the reason why I posted this is because I am listening to Stromae....and all of this just came to mind, and I had to say to someone at some point. You are that person :3 

derpderpderp don't even listen to me, I am nothing!!! XD And nobody's probably gonna read this so asdfkadflsajds XD 


WAIT!!! OHMIGOSH I  JUST REALIZED... THIS YEAR I'M GRADUATING!!!! HOLY CRAP! Crap, that means that I can't get in trouble if I wanna march....Dang it, that means that I can't do my EOY prank on the ELA teacher! Shoot, that killed the mood Doge lol


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United States
Hey you.

Yeah you.

How you doiiin', gurl? Bruthuh from another muthuh? Sistah from another mistah?

Mozel tov. Hay. Congratulations for breathing today. That must take a lot with all the pollution, friend. As a random human being, I have no idea what I am doing here, I just got bored one day and made this account. Now that I'm stuck with it, I guess I have to write fan fictions and post all of my crappy little get ready, internet, for something...weird. Apologize for my stupidity in advance -.-

Likes: not a lot of things: Classical music, anime, cartoons, video games, cosplay, internet, music, comics *cough cough* Brendon Urie, and cupcakes. And of course my friends, and my dog.

Dislikes: lazy teachers, chores, dog poo, rated Y-TV junk, darkness, asthma attacks, medicine, Digemon, Cubeman (not scary), raisins, racism, allergies, wussies, whiners (whee I'm hypocritical!), and of corse those dumb cell phones with eight keys and look like a candy bar. OH, and also, walking barefoot in hot sand

Other Candies:
- I have arachnephobia.
- I never have had dangos.
- I never solved a Rubix cube.
- Everyday I skim my page and change or add something.
- I cannot go on if something of mine is out of place.
- I play the piano .
- I would absolutely love to play in Robert Smith's hair. (I know he's getting older, but he wears it the same way :P)
- I only swear to either make a point or to tell a joke. (all the time)
- My dog gives me high fives, hugs, brofists, and he can prance around like a poodle.
- Clowns startle me.
- I secretly have no religion, and don't like being called anything (ex. Atheist, Agnostic)
- I dislike my birth name.
- I believe I can fly.
- I have a strange habit of misspelling "yes" as "YASSS" or "ease" followed by a really derpy face. :3
- I wish that I had a cup of chai tea right now...
- Hachacha!

My friends, knowing I don't like my birth name very much, also call me Pikachu, Mouth, and sometimes Bugsy.

Oh and just a warning... I talk a LOT if my speaking organ (heart) is provoked, careful with the comments if you don't like American-leveled, talkative rants (trollop).

I remade a quotev account! (first being deleted LOL derp)

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IDimopoulos Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, thanks for the fave! If you have any time to spare me and megdrg   would really appreciate it if you could check out our facebook page ;… and support us there too ! If you don't have a fb profile, you can keep in touch with us here, on dA ! We welcome your feedback :) (Smile)
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
THIS happened to me in Minecraft.
MaybeCrazyGirl123 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student General Artist
LOL oh god, that sounds hilarious! But also I a way painful...I mean, first you're chased by zombies, and it only makes sense to suffocate them. But I absolutely hate when you plan something, but have little to none of what you need to do it! Not fair! So you go get gravel and end of dying because some Creeper had something against you. was....trying to tell you something? I mean it happened twice; all referring to air pockets. One thing could be is that the Creepers are jealous of you using gravel and they're all like "Nu! Sand is better than ju!" To the gravel (only because they are made out of gunpowder). And the thing is that they spawn near gravle, right when you're mining, just so that they have a reason to kill some gravel blocks :P *derp*

And then you find another air pocket underwater? Gosh, that happened to me the other day! But I did not stay inside of the water and fell straight to the bottom. (Losing half health. Then my dog chews my laptop charger so that I can't play Minecraft OR do homework until I get a new chord. :( but ANYWAYS) lol. That is really smart that you felt around and used the sound of the blocks to see what you were dealing with. But it appears that that one creeper respawned, and was not only Jelly of Gravel, but wanted to make the ultimate hole in your file where everything spawns! That's just awful! I wish that you can dye creepers, so when they respawn, you see the (color) creeper.

"Oh. So you're the one who kept blowing me up?" You're all awesome with a suit of daimond armor and weapons.

"NoooobecauseYOUSHALLFEELMYWRATH!" Ajshdbsia says the dyed creeper.

And it would be hilarious if it blew up, and still killed you XD but that is unlikely! LOL YES! Perfect campfire stories that you can tell a sheep while lighting a tree on fire! Lol!

OH MY GOD DID YOU KNOW MINECRAFT HAS AN UNOFFICIAL BOOK SERIES?! (It looked cruddy but for once I was interested in reading something besides fanfiction!- technically...that is fanfiction so never mind -.-)
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Edited Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I almost wanna make a comic about those two situations. 
I mean, I was doing what you said, feeling with my bare hand for the type of blocks, and THE VERY FIRST THING I FELT was a Creeper!!! :sprint: Not a block. All the blocks Minecraft is made of that I could have punched in the dark and the thing I punched was a Creeper! :doh: :iconmccreeperplz::iconhomerdohplz:

Glad you enjoyed my misery. ;P I knew you would.

And you know, I just realized I have a ton of old, long messages- including one where I had almost finished the reply but saved it and I still have it- that I need to reply to!

LOL telling stories to the Sheep in the trees. :iconmcsheepplz:

lol fanfictions
I did not know Minecraft had a book series. I bet it was not made with a Book & Quill :XD:
MaybeCrazyGirl123 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh god, I imagine this as a comic and then for the feeling around part, you have a derpy face on, and all you hear is the Ssssssss and go "Is something peeing, or is that a snake?" and then you realize it's a creeper XD The one thing that you punched?! I am still laughing weeks later XD

Yes, I do enjoy lots of miseries as long as they're universally funny :3

And hey, twinsies! *Sorry we just had twin day at school so now I can't stop saying TWINSIES to everything LOL* I have a lot to reply to, too! Horray for typing!

YASSS sheeps are good listeners, until they walk away or a wolf walks by.

And no, it wasn't made with a Book and Quill (good reference) it was made with the Grandson of the Printing Press. Lolz my history teacher...yeah, you probably don't get this joke lol *GODAMN MY SCHOOL REFERENCES LOL*
junawashere Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the fav!!!!! <333333
MaybeCrazyGirl123 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem!
pinkxp Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
1. Nothing, I already stalked you page//shot

2. Orange or Red!

3. Fire!


5. Are you with me on being friends?

6. You are scared of spiders, I am too. They just...

7. Chrissy-chan! If that is okay with you.

8. Pocky and my stuffed wolf are to the left of me.

9. Soup

MaybeCrazyGirl123 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student General Artist
1. .....Me too, twinsies!



4. oh no she didn't no way...oh, dude, awesome! Thank you!


6. I know...I can't even do webs (I always walk right through them and cry lol)- and there are three huge ones outside my house now...wait until it rains again...then, little spider, you will...heeheehe:spider: Kat doesnt like the spider 

7. Yay! That's kawaii!Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 

8. That is truly beautifulLovely Shoujo (Pretty Please) [V3] 

9. YES I'M CHUNKY AND I'M HOT AT THE SAME TIMENo Balls Joon: Bitch Please Im Fabulous XD Fabulous Suho : Fabulous Luhan : MAMA Yato (Being fab) [V1] Cool Looming *spamming again lol*

10. Glomp! Glomp Pile :skittles glomp: :maria-glomp: senior glomp Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] 
Sakari-san Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Professional General Artist
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