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FrUK as Llamas by MaybeCrazyGirl123
FrUK as Llamas
Made with DeviantArt muro

I was doing homework...and then I got distracted. Did this in, like, three minutes, and for Accado to hopefully feel better. He broke, as an snap his leg. I don't personally know anybody, but this was my excuse not to do science fair. Very legit. Clap The llama to the left is England as the other one is France. Wait...(wtf is wrong with me?!) I mean...all that, but switch places. Yeah, the green is England. Tadah! Yeah...I kinda ran out of space with England, so he's kinda smooched into the corner there, but if I get a pen tablet I may make better things than this so hah! La la la la 
  • Mood: Big Grin
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  • Watching: Over the Garden Wall Chapter 5 over and over XD
ASDAFASDSA has anyone seen the new series Over the Garden Wall??? It is amazing and I cannot believe how similar it is to several other things I watch! Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, all wonderfully bundled up into what this is! And Its only 10 15-minute episodes! Ooh I can't wait until the last two air tonight! Its getting really good! Why can't it be longer *cries a little* How do they do that?! Make an entire friggen life story in 10 chapters?!

Anyway! In school, we have an all year project in Spanish class, where we have to write an entire comic book in near perfect Spanish. Yes, that means that it has to be long and valuable lol. Now I'm pretty good at Spanish, and I already have the first chapter and a half written out (I'm still working on perfecting how all the characters look), but my book is very similar to the setting of Over the Garden Wall and I'm all "Ermigosh, mom, look at this!" And my mom cannot read Spanish, while my friends are too lazy to translate (lol) so I'm stuck fangirling all to myself. 

Now I have a birthday comic to go draw for ToddNTheShiningSword XD 

And I owe, like, two of my friends IRL one each as well lol this early in the year and I'm already procrastinating XD


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United States
Hey you.

Yeah you.

How you doiiin', gurl? Bruthuh from another muthuh? Sistah from another mistah?

Mozel tov. Hay. Congratulations for breathing today. That must take a lot with all the pollution, friend. As a random human being, I have no idea what I am doing here, I just got bored one day and made this account. Now that I'm stuck with it, I guess I have to write fan fictions and post all of my crappy little get ready, internet, for something...weird. Apologize for my stupidity in advance -.-

Likes: not a lot of things: Classical music, anime, cartoons, video games, cosplay, internet, music, comics *cough cough* Brendon Urie, and cupcakes. And of course my friends, and my dog.

Dislikes: lazy teachers, chores, dog poo, rated Y-TV junk, darkness, asthma attacks, medicine, Digemon, Cubeman (not scary), raisins, racism, allergies, wussies, whiners (whee I'm hypocritical!), and of corse those dumb cell phones with eight keys and look like a candy bar. OH, and also, walking barefoot in hot sand

Other Candies:
- I have arachnephobia.
- I never have had dangos.
- I never solved a Rubix cube.
- Everyday I skim my page and change or add something.
- I cannot go on if something of mine is out of place.
- I play the piano .
- I would absolutely love to play in Robert Smith's hair. (I know he's getting older, but he wears it the same way :P)
- I only swear to either make a point or to tell a joke. (all the time)
- My dog gives me high fives, hugs, brofists, and he can prance around like a poodle.
- Clowns startle me.
- I secretly have no religion, and don't like being called anything (ex. Atheist, Agnostic)
- I dislike my birth name.
- I can speak (generally) fluent Spanish, and am learning German and French.
- my big brothers and sister are in Limbo.
-1 (4N 2334[) 1337 (I can read leet)
- I believe I can fly.
- I have a strange habit of misspelling "yes" as "YASSS" or "ease" followed by a really derpy face. :3
- I wish that I had a cup of chai tea right now...
- Hachacha!

My friends, knowing I don't like my birth name very much, also call me Pikachu, Mouth, and sometimes Bugsy. And then somehow I was dubbed as the "Advisitorial Wizard" for some majestic reason. XD

Oh and just a warning... I talk a LOT if my speaking organ (heart) is provoked, careful with the comments if you don't like American-leveled, talkative rants (trollop).

I remade a quotev account! (first being deleted LOL derp)

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