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The Digimon Debate (5/5) by MaybeCrazyGirl123
The Digimon Debate (5/5)
I hope this made somebody laugh at least. I just...just...just don't kill me XD
The Digimon Debate (4/5) by MaybeCrazyGirl123
The Digimon Debate (4/5)
Still no idea how to categorize this. I feel like I'll regret posting this later and that my future self (and my watchers who are Digimon fans) will hate me but I don't care. Yolo.
The Digimon Debate (3/5) by MaybeCrazyGirl123
The Digimon Debate (3/5)
*sniggers* I love my friend. This is on of my moirails and I love her so much. I met her at Meijers and almost tackled her for wearing a Black Butler shirt. Just...just yus XD
The Digimon Debate (2/5) by MaybeCrazyGirl123
The Digimon Debate (2/5)
Yeah. Even after five screenshots, this debate continued. I found it hilarious and couldn't resist posting it, even in regards of how judgmental the Internet is XD
The Digimon Debate (1/5) by MaybeCrazyGirl123
The Digimon Debate (1/5)
So my friend and I were texting and she brought up Digimon. I throw a load of crap at her about it (which I am still not sorry for.) Shots fired, and I'm sorry, but that's the beauty in being able to have an opinion. Homestuck references included. Neither of us are being serious here, so please don't hate me XD Sorry to the Digimon fans.

I just really like Pokemon.

My entire life is a Homestuck reference. lol, I was being a huge Sollux (which I will be cosplaying as while my friend <the one in this very text> is Karkat. We will be majestic.)

Oh my god, how am I supposed to select a category for this?! XD

So I was going on quotev (for no reason) and this quiz pops up. "Do you have Maladaptive Daydreaming?" So I go, "hm. I sure do daydream a lot. How else could I possibly be writing seven different fan fictions at the same time? And I can't stop thinking them up. Why not?"

"Do you daydream while doing other things?"

Yes, almost everything I do causes a daydream. Music, art, family, *friends* (asshdjsjav I think I have a crush. An *actual* crush- and I keep thinking someone will find out, tell him, and he'll hate me!!! It's scary!) et cetera, et cetera.

Well, fricklefrack, how in Sam's hill is- *clicks final answer* *page begins to load*

"You have MD!"

That moment when you find out your mental condition has a name. Le gasp!

*does research*

Yup. This is totally me. Why do people look at MD negatively? It shows that your brain is wired so that you'll have a great imagination, even if you don't want one. And yes, not every daydream will be positive- same with every normal dream. Daydreams can turn into day nightmares. It happens.

"Extreme cases will affect you life."

Dayum. That already happened: I've laughed in several funerals and church services, cried in the middle of orchestra, and I know the reasons why I did weren't real, but it's nice to pretend. My mom even slapped me once, but the striking imaginary image of Prussia/Gilbert Beilshmidt kept me smiling. Right?

Who doesn't want their own personal R2D2 that only knows swear words instead of beeps? That's so cool!

And there are multiple occasions where I'm already about to cry but stop myself. Then out of nowhere, I imagine my brother walking through the door, coming back from the military. My sister would be behind him, walking beside me and yelling at whoever made me cry.

But none of that will ever happen. Both of them died as babies, so meh. Life happens. It's nice pretending though. It always makes me cry different kinds of tears, guaranteed.

But seriously, I spend *hours* in bed, laying there, pretending that I'm in a video game or anime or some false reality. It's *amazing.* Sometimes, I die, or a character dies, or my mother or grandpa dies, but life happens. The hours wasted daydreaming is lost forever, I can't get them back. There's no point in blaming some mental condition, it already happened.

But oh my god. The scariest one yet was of my crush finding out I like him. And because he's just as moody as I am, he says "I hate you," and starts hurting me, calling me names, and not like how it already is. Not the "Ew, Ebola!" (Ebola is another word for cooties) and the usual kick to the shin.


The frightening "I hate you, Christian, stay away from me!" And a kick to the shin, that actually hurts.

And then my brother and sister would come in and hug me.

And then I do something stupid and end up getting disowned. I call my grandpa but he died, and can't adopt me. I go to my dad's house instead, say something smart ass and he kicks me out. That leaves me with my dog. We play together outside in front of my fathers house, and he runs across the street and gets ran over by the neighbor who always speeds.

My brother and sister come in, but that's the only daydream where they aren't in any way real.

That's a day nightmare.

*shivers* how did...anyway! I have to really look through a lot of did we get all the way over to *this* side of my brain?

Ok. So I'm drawing a comic about a daydream, and it's a little personal, so I definitely won't post it. (Trololol) I have an Izaya x Male!Reader fanfic, and maybe a Homestuck one...? There's already one going on quotev. I have, at least, like, seven fan fictions to update...

SO has any of you had this moment, realizing your mentality has a name? Do you think you have MD? Views or opinions? Stories? I'd love to hear it! (As if anyone reads my friggen journals anyway)



MaybeCrazyGirl123's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey you.

Yeah you.

How you doiiin', gurl? Bruthuh from another muthuh? Sistah from another mistah?

Mozel tov. Hay. Congratulations for breathing today. That must take a lot with all the pollution, friend. As a random human being, I have no idea what I am doing here, I just got bored one day and made this account. Now that I'm stuck with it, I guess I have to write fan fictions and post all of my crappy little get ready, internet, for something...weird. Apologize for my stupidity in advance -.-

Likes: not a lot of things: Classical music, anime, cartoons, video games, cosplay, internet, music, comics *cough cough* Brendon Urie, and cupcakes. And of course my friends, and my dog.

Dislikes: lazy teachers, chores, dog poo, rated Y-TV junk, darkness, asthma attacks, medicine, Digemon, Cubeman (not scary), raisins, racism, allergies, wussies, whiners (whee I'm hypocritical!), and of corse those dumb cell phones with eight keys and look like a candy bar. OH, and also, walking barefoot in hot sand

Other Candies:
- I have arachnephobia.
- I never have had dangos.
- I never solved a Rubix cube.
- Everyday I skim my page and change or add something.
- I cannot go on if something of mine is out of place.
- I play the piano .
- I would absolutely love to play in Robert Smith's hair. (I know he's getting older, but he wears it the same way :P)
- I only swear to either make a point or to tell a joke. (all the time)
- My dog gives me high fives, hugs, brofists, and he can prance around like a poodle.
- Clowns startle me.
- I secretly have no religion, and don't like being called anything (ex. Atheist, Agnostic)
- I dislike my birth name.
- I can speak (generally) fluent Spanish, and am learning German and French.
- my big brothers and sister are in Limbo.
-1 (4N 2334[) 1337 (I can read leet)
- I believe I can fly.
- I have a strange habit of misspelling "yes" as "YASSS" or "ease" followed by a really derpy face. :3
- I wish that I had a cup of chai tea right now...
- Hachacha!

My friends, knowing I don't like my birth name very much, also call me Pikachu, Mouth, and sometimes Bugsy. And then somehow I was dubbed as the "Advisitorial Wizard" for some majestic reason. XD

Oh and just a warning... I talk a LOT if my speaking organ (heart) is provoked, careful with the comments if you don't like American-leveled, talkative rants (trollop).

I remade a quotev account! (first being deleted LOL derp)

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I'm sorry your skin had to be orange. That's the best representation Minecraft has for what color your skin is. :XD: :la:

Crazy Birthday 2015
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't find your old avatar or Profile picture...
I liked that. Now I can't use it for your slightly-late birthday present! :cries:

Oh well. I hope you had a happy birthday even without an old Profile pic! :la: :party: :cake:
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Haha. Sorry, but thank you. And I guess it's a good thing because I still need to do a final draft of your birthday comic (the rough draft being stick figures on a post-it note) so neigh I say!

I still owe you your birthday comic, so it's only fair that you ironically can't make mine. And I look a lot different than the old picture. 😌 *nods approvingly at my empty logic*

Andi have the option of featuring Todd Eva and Dappy or that baby picture (I need to check if it's there anymore. Probably not lol)

Thank you, though! But no, you deserve a birthday comic! It will be done!
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You still owe me a birthday comic!? You're still going to make it!? Wow. Well then if you're going to do that, you kinda need to make it before my NEXT birthday comes! :XD:

LOLOL what I just read about the rough draft. :rofl: Stick figures on a Post-It note?! :XD: Just one? :la: At first I thought it would be on several Post-Its. :note: :la: So I guess that needs a final draft then, but I still hope you keep a photo of the rough draft 'cause I bet that would be funny and smile-inducing to look at. :XD: :meow: :pointandlaugh:

And I still made you a present.
I right-clicked your current avatar and found out it's a png. Once I knew it was a png file that's how I knew I was gonna be able to get your old icon! :deviator: No, I didn't have it on my hard drive. I just went to the secret place you go on dA to get a person's old icon when their new one is a png or animation when their old one wasn't. :shh:

You look a lot different from your old picture, AND this one?! :pringles: Wow then. Your logic isn't empty then. :brainless:

That baby picture isn't there anymore, and you're not gonna find THAT snooping through dA! I had to take it down because it was up at the same time trolls were attacking me due to me being blacklisted and then white-knighted by someone I didn't agree with, so that was not a good time to have a baby picture up.

Comics are the best gift I think I can get, 'cause pictures are great, but comics... go to, like, the next level! I hope the comic's good enough. =P I'm sure it will be, so THE REAL hope I should have is hoping YOUR present I gave you is good enough!
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